Financial Policy


Financial Commitment 

POLICY – Club Fees: Sparta Club fees are due and payable upon a player’s individual commitment to a Sparta team immediately after tryouts each year – even if registration for league play does not occur until a later date, for example, after high school play for girls during fall season. The Sparta club fee applies to the seasonal year commencing after tryout and continuing through May 31 of the subsequent year, allowing for appropriate breaks during the seasonal year. While Sparta may provide payment plans via credit cards or otherwise, the entire fee must be paid in full regardless of a player’s personal decisions to leave a team after a player has made a commitment to the team. While Sparta understands that some circumstances may necessitate a player leaving a team, such as severe injury or a family move, Sparta generally expects all players to honor their commitment to a Sparta team and their teammates for the entire seasonal year.

POLICY – Club Fee Refunds: Once a player has committed to a Sparta team the Sparta fee is non-refundable. In this manner we seek to ensure the viability of a team for other players who depend on the commitment of all players to the team for their soccer opportunities. This non-refund policy also allows Sparta to make financial commitments to its coaching staff in an effort to further ensure the viability of the team for all players on the team.