Happy 35th Anniversary - Sparta United Soccer Club

Happy 35th Anniversary - Sparta United Soccer Club

Thirty-five years ago on November 1, 1981, Ben and Jo Ann Vandenhazel founded the first and most prominent youth soccer club in the State of Utah, Sparta United Soccer Club.   Ben and Jo Ann spent countless hours to build this soccer dynasty.  Jo Ann organized and directed the 1st Sparta Cup Soccer Tournament. Ben organized/founded the newly AAA Competition program.  In order to compete with California and other out of state teams, the AAA league consisted of District Competitive Select Teams (only 1 AAA Team per District). When Ben organized the newly AAA league, it consisted of (4) District AAA Teams, Age-Groups: U-11 (1971) and U-13 (1969).

The (4) districts were:

District - Salt Lake                District - West side
District - Sandy/Draper       District - Utah County

The AAA League was the highest competition in the state. The second year of AAA, the Sandy/Draper U-12 Sparta '71 Team, (formerly Sandy Sing) won the Far West Regionals held in Denver Colorado.

Jo Ann continued to serve as the Sparta Cup and Club Business Director until she had to step back due her to declining health.   Jo Ann passed away in 2014.  Ben continues today as the club President.    .