Parents Expectations




Parents Expectations


The parents are an integral part of the Sparta United support system.  It is important that parents observe the guidelines established by the Club, Leagues and UYSA.



I Will….

  Be encouraging, supportive and affirmative in regard to my child’s play on the field

  Respect officials and accept their decisions

  Support the coach, manager and the team

  Volunteer my services and talents to the team and the Club when possible

  Familiarize myself with the Laws of the Game

  Comply with the rules, policies and procedures of the team, club, leagues and UYSA as they apply to me

  Follow and obey the Problem Solving Procedures

  Act in the spirit of the game.  Support all players on your child’s team and do not criticize ANY player.  Do not criticize the opponents, their parents, coaches or the officials


Further I will never…

  Engage in dissent directed to an official

  Engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, manager, player or parent

  Interfere at any time with the duties and responsibilities of the coach or manager

  Act in any way that is detrimental to the team or The Sparta United Soccer Club


There will be no coaching.  No matter how good your intentions, we insist there be no shouting instructions to your child.

  Let the coach run the team.  Attempting to coach or instruct our child from the sideline is distracting and counterproductive for the player.

  Your vocal support and positive encouragement are welcome


Nurture independence and responsibility

  Make it your child’s responsibility to pack their own uniform in their soccer bag

  If is appropriate, please have your child communicate directly with the coach about issues, concerns, conflicts or simply missing upcoming practices or games

  Players should be reminded to take responsibility for their own performance and to not place blame on others

  You will provide your child with another opportunity to behave independently of your scrutiny

  This “responsibility taking” is a significant part of maturing.  Your child’s handling of these tasks on and off the field complete his/her  “ownership” of all aspects of being a soccer player

  Monitor your child off of the field.  Their representation of the club goes beyond the field

  Keep an eye on your child to make sure that they are handling any stress resulting from their participation with the club effectively

  Ask your child to focus on the execution of skills and themes addressed at practice i.e. collecting and passing balls, combination play, shots on goal, successful tackles


Uphold your commitments

  Foster an environment focused on development, enjoyment, and good sportsmanship

  Fulfill your financial commitments

  Support and maintain Sparta United Soccer Club’s philosophy on youth development

  Fulfill your team and Sparta United Soccer Club’s expectations




Problem Solving Procedure



Remember, there is a time and place for everything.  If you need information or wish to ask questions concerning coaching decisions, arrange a meeting with the coach.  Concerns or criticisms are welcome, but should be expressed away from training sessions and games.  Every effort will be made to address problems or concerns of our members in a fair and consistent manner.  In the event of a disagreement the following procedure should be followed when addressing concerns


24 Hour Rule- Games are extremely emotional for players, parents and coaches.  Parents and coaches should not discuss individual player problems concerning the team or their child for 24 hours following a game or training session.  This allows all a cooling off time and opportunity to discuss the child without the emotion of the game or training session as well as avoid regrettable public confrontation.


  • Step 1- Discussion with Team Coach: The member first discusses his/her issues or concerns with the coach.
  • Step 2- Discussion with respective Director of Coaching: If after discussing the issue with the coach the issue is not resolved, he/she can present the issue to the appropriate Director of Coaching.  (Boys & Girls U7 - U12:  Stephen Phillips), Girls U13 - U19: Kris Lien, Boys U13-U19: Justus Koelliker)
  • Step 3- Discussion with club Technical Director: If the member is not satisfied with this discussion, it can then be presented to the club Technical Director (Marco de Ruiter).  This will be the final step to resolve the situation before the matter goes to the Executive Board.