Tournament Payment Policy

Team Tournament Expenses – All players from a team are encouraged to participate in all team tournaments.

  • All players are required to pay their portion of the tournament entrance fee for in state and out of state tournaments, regardless if a player is not going to participate in a tournament.

  • If a player is not going to go to an out of state tournament, they need to give the coach and team manager a two month notice that they will not attend.  If they give that notice, then they do not have to pay their portion of the coach’s expenses.  If that notice is given after two months, the player is responsible to pay their portion of the coach’s and team expenses.  

  • Guest players do not pay the entrance fee to the tournament, but they do pay their share of coach’s and team expenses.

  • If the coach has a son/daughter on the team, they are required to pay their share of all team expenses and coach’s expenses.  A team manager can take the coach’s child fee out of the expenses to be reimbursed or the coach can pay those fees up front.

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